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Business Analyst Certification and Job Description

Business Analyst Salary Resume Job description

Business Analyst Certification Training

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Business Analyst Certification Training, is it required to get a job?

The first question every one will ask is, Getting a Business Analyst certification really helps in getting a job fast?

Yes, definitely, Employers often gives much importance to certified business analyst than a non certified one. The reason being is, the organization does not have to train the candidate again on basics of Business Analysis, rather they can concentrate more to train on domain related knowledge.  So getting a business analyst certification really helps a lot.

Where and How to get Certification?

Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP):
This certificate will be given by IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis.)

CBAP Certification details:

Not only from the above link, but you can also get Business Analyst certifications from many other universities. Call the university and find out if they are offering certification course.

What are the Prerequisites for Business Analyst Certification:

Before going for a certification course, you need to get some knowledge on BA and their roles and responsibilities. You can get some theoretical knowledge on the below topics.

Business Analyst/Analysis Certification: The essentials

Business Analysis, as a job has indeed taken the world by a storm.  Not only has the demand of the business analysts has gone up in a remarkable manner, in all circles of business, and in all parts of the globe, and hence the institutes to provide it have mounted up as well.

Today, according to the estimates, there are tens and thousands of organizations which have earned quite repute for Business Analyst/Analysis Certification. In addition to this, the curriculum for the certification has been under constant changes over the past few years. If you look forward to approach the certification, you are ought to consider a few factors, which we shall bring into limelight.

Business Analyst Certification
Business Analyst Certification

Business analyst / Analysis certification: Things to ponder about when choosing the institute

If you have a sufficient enough educational background, you might look ahead to enroll yourself in the institute, but only after a fair amount of consideration. There are quite a few non-recognized ones as well, and you would definitely not love to drain your money! Below we have jolted down a number of factors you need to ponder about:

  • What is the curriculum approach? Are they going to offer an accelerated course? How many years before you could fetch you all-awaited Business analyst/ analysis certification?
  • How much are they going to charge you? What are the payment periods, or the schedule? Are they going to offer bank services? Do you need to show up a certain amount in your bank balance as a guarantee to pay in the future?
  • Do they offer any online programs? If you wish to be at your home and get all the knowledge, it is a great option.
  • If they do offer the online program, is the cost similar to the conventional one? What are the requirements to sign it up? A basic computer with fundamental features is one prerequisite. Would you need any other expensive equipment etc.?
  • How long does the each class last, and how many classes in one week etc.? This might vary a little (or a great deal) between the conventional class room and online course.
  • Do they provide you with the internship? How much would be the stipend (or at least the minimum guarantee etc.)
  • If you are going abroad, you would also consider the working prospects during the course in order to pay for the fees and living expenses. Ask if the institute provide any special allowance for the work to be done. Usually most countries allow the maximum span of 20 hours for work each week, but if the course they are following do not allow it could be restricted to some 16 or less hours a week.
  • Also make sure that the institution is a reputed one and recognized by the firms. this might seem to be a bothersome task, but here is one simple way to deal with it- just jolt down the list of likely firms where you might apply in the future (you must be able to identify those firms by this point), and just ask them out via email that whether or not this and that institute would suffice your requirements to be a Business analyst in your company?

Apart from Business Analyst Certification:

Resume preparation to a greater extent, and CV holds the key!

Is it the interview? Your CV? No it is the resume which would be the most vital determinant for your qualification as a business analyst. Some people have a tendency to get an ‘off-the-shelf’ resume, with someone preparing it for them without many efforts into it, and this is where the things go wrong for them. The resume is the first step to a long course towards achieving your goal, and your first step not only requires stability but also ample preparation.

Business Analyst Certification tips
Business Analyst Certification tips

First things first, writing up the CV is not really equivalent to your CV. You need to be cautious here. Never ever fall in the trap of writing up a novel while preparing the CV as it could hamper badly your aim of getting the Business Analyst/ Analysis Certification. So just make sure that you do not write more than a page or two as it would ensure that irrelevant details are kept to minimum. However, there is another dreadful aspect- some people do go in accordance to certain extent by keeping the pages to maximum two pages. But they do a hideous mistake of not including the most relevant, called-for particulars and rather go on to include details which could be well left alone. This is an intricate situation, and you need to go through proper guides to enter up only desired extent of information, nothing more and nothing less.

Genuine information in the resume is yet another significant aspect when it comes to preparing the CV. As quite apparent, business analysts are not only judged by the certification and educational background they possess, but also by their uprightness and honesty. With the passage of time, the CVs and the resumes are judged austerely or the genuineness. So get this trying in your mind crystal clear that it is not your education alone which would help you attain the certification, but bona fide resumes and CVs are as important.

BA certification
BA certification

Also make sure that the information you put in resume and CV is kept in some order. The most guides assert that the chronological order is the best one to go. However, there are some general variations with this regard. Not all business firms desire a one kind of a CV or a resume. To add to the fact, even if the two different firms are looking to hire a Business Analyst and both advocates the chronological order to be followed, there are still variations which could come into play. To be precise, some firms wish that you should go from most recent to the previous, while others desire for the other way round. In certain cases, no order is expected BUT you are asked to group the information in particular relevancy.

If you find any information missing in Business Analyst certification, please do comment below.

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